You must recognize that it is not easy to keep a smile or a good look when your thighs touch one another in a hot summer day. The only desire is to return home as soon as possible to rest. I had been looking for a solution to that problem for a very long time and I finally found it. It is called Bandelettes – Thigh bands with antichafing benefits. As any other solution it might not fit everybody. As for me I am now eager to leave my home in a skirt and feel more feminine than ever even during a very hot day.

cuisses qui se touchent

I was not convinced immediately…

Well I grant you, the term « bandelette » is not really flattering. When I first read the article on the Internet I thought it was more a pharmaceutical accessory for the touching thighs but not at all. As in the picture, you can see that these are large strips that are placed on the thighs. A little skeptical, I continued to search for some more information about this product on blogs. After a few more articles read, I decided to order it! The choice was a little difficult because I wanted a specific color but I finally opted for a neutral one. A few days later, I received my package and I was convinced from my first fitting.


It really works !

Indeed, the Bandelettes – Thigh bands antichafing benefits stand alone on the thighs thanks to thin adhesive strips placed at the top and at the bottom of Bandelettes. The second advantage of the bands is that they are extensible. It means that the bands adapt very easily to your thigh and leaves no traces. Another plus is that the strips are « very-very » discrete. You might forget you are wearing it. And finally, this accessory against chafing thighs let you feel feminine as they are entirely made with lace. What is really nice is that one can think that it is a set of underwear (which would probably help those of you who consider touching tights as a taboo).

** Of course, I’m waiting for my second order of Bandelettes!

Advantages and disadvantages of Bandelettes : the accessory against touching tights

  • +  Rest in place on the thigh;
  • + Very efficient as antichafing solution;
  • +  Very discreet under your cloths;
  • Do not place it too high on the thigh because it wraps under the buttocks;

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